Ce ne-a învățat viața în Baltimore

În urmă cu 3 ani, pe vremea asta, mă întorceam din State. Am scris atunci ceva care nu a ajuns până acum pe blog, dar cred că ar trebui să o recitim măcar o dată pe an, la „aniversare”. Postarea e în engleză, să fie cu pardon că nu o traduc.


– sometimes you don’t need to think too much about a decision. You can ask others, you can play the dice, but if life came with this opportunity, it is for a reason.

– a friendship can be built in a lifetime or in a day. This is never valid for forgetting someone.

– we have time. Always!

– you can make it to work hangovered but most of the time you wish you didn’t

– stop shopping. You already have more than enough.

– enjoy the drama, be part of it, but keep your stories for yourself

– America doesn’t make you fat. Food makes you fat.

– no matter how far or close, family is the most important thing. Miss them, love them.

– pen and paper are not dead! Nor are postal stamps or holiday cards.

– managers can be awesome friends, you can be excited about going to work and the customer is not always right.

– uniforms are a great idea!

– dancing, singing, barking, posing, laughing, drawing, crafting, competing, playing and having fun are all allowed at work

– you don’t need too much money to travel. A Marriott associate discount is helpful, though.

– in summer, get an AC. In winter, get some sweaters.

– we are not American citizens.

– there is life without Internet and cellphones. Even without cars.

– Banana Republic is not a country. However, some Americans are not aware of that.

– CVS is open 24 hours. Bin 604 is not. Prioritize shopping.

– a boy can like several girls. A girl can like several guys.

– marketing was invented in the USA.

– Americans should rename the months as everything is about a Holiday: 01.New Year; 02. Valentine’s; 03. St Patrick’s; 04. Easter; 05. Cinco de Mayo; 06. Baseball; 07. Independence; 08. Vacation.; 09. Back to school; 09.Football; 10. Thanksgiving; 11. Halloween; 12. Christmas

– you think you know what happens in a hotel… but you have no idea!

– plates, mugs, bowls and glasses break. That’s why “disposable inventory” term was introduced into accounting.

– Romania is a great country… at least if we look at it from so many miles away

– When you try to help someone you’re doing a good deed. You’re also giving yourself a lot of headache.

– “Ex” comes from experiences that we’ll never repeat again

– Baltimore is one of the most charming cities in America

– if you’re going to sleep with a smile on your face, you’re doing something right.

Iar dacă cineva mai are întrebarea „De ce ne-am întors”, puteți citi aici.

2 thoughts on “Ce ne-a învățat viața în Baltimore

  1. “- you can make it to work hangovered but most of the time you wish you didn’t” good one!!! :)) si foarte adevarat 🙂

    “- Baltimore is one of the most charming cities in America” ar trebui sa vezi San Francisco 🙂

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